We are Pale blue dot, a seed-stage venture capital firm that backs the most exciting climate tech startups across Europe and the US.

We invest in founders building climate tech companies to build the world we want to live in. It’s simply good business to protect our home - the dot - and it’s not too late. We still have time to use technology to outpace climate change, but we have less than a decade to reduce carbon emissions, reverse the climate crisis and prepare for a new world on the same beautiful blue dot.


Seed and Pre-seed
Ticket size
€500k - €1.5M
Fund size
Fund I (€87m) + Fund II (€93m)
Climate Tech
Europe and US
Lead or co-lead seed rounds
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Joel Larsson, Heidi Lindvall and Hampus Jakobsson
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Joel Larsson, Heidi Lindvall and Hampus Jakobsson

Joel Larsson, Heidi Lindvall and Hampus Jakobsson


We founded Pale blue dot in 2020 as three former entrepreneurs, as we wanted to build a better venture capital fund: one that understood entrepreneurs, and one that channelled capital into founders solving one of the biggest problems facing humanity: climate change. We have all previously built software startups in Europe and the US, and have invested in hundreds of startups as well as built programmes to support entrepreneurs and their growth.

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We invest in the best early-stage founders building scalable solutions to the climate crisis. Climate change is the biggest challenge facing humankind right now, and it's also the most significant opportunity for new thinking and where we think the best entrepreneurs are building.

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So, what is climate tech? Every single industry needs to adapt to climate change. Climate tech is not a vertical itself, it's a lens through which we see all companies. Many industries are built for an old world, and startups are coming in fast to develop better versions or entirely new solutions. Climate positive companies can be found everywhere; food, agriculture, mobility, fashion, supply chain and logistics, fintech, proptech, energy, biotech, and more. We think every industry will be disrupted.

We invest in companies with climate impact at the core of their business model. We back companies that decarbonise industries, remove carbon from the atmosphere, or prepare for a new world. We strongly believe the future billion-dollar companies will be built with positive climate impact right at the core, and it is no longer negotiable.

We also invest in great leaders. Those who are building defensible ideas in huge addressable markets, and who ask themselves every day if their company contribute to a liveable planet. We strongly believe that profit and impact go hand in hand.

We believe that great companies and great people can come from anywhere.

We love meeting climate tech founders and corporate activists from all backgrounds. We believe that diverse founders are a moral imperative and give you a competitive advantage. We back leaders who want to build diverse and inclusive companies.